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Top 10 Unbreakable Sports Records

NS 9NolanRyan5000th

10.       Nolan Ryan's 5,714 career strikeouts

27 years as a MLB pitcher and a total of 5,714 career strikeouts, and the only word that comes to my mind along with many other fans I’m sure is greatness!  Its true talent and a real achievement to be able to make it into the major league as a professional baseball player but coming out with a record like Nolan Ryans, is some kind of wonderful. Many people believe this record is one that will never be beaten and that this record will forever be held in Ryan’s name. There have been a handful of other pitchers that were also remarkable players yet they even fell short of even becoming close to reaching this goal. It’s a job well done for Nolan Ryans. 


9.   Fastest MMA Knockout of All Time (Two seconds)

After watching the video of Ryohei Masuda complete this record, all I have to say is OUCH. When they say two seconds, they’re not kidding. The audience barely gets time to recognize the match beginning before it is over. The opponent   Takahiro Kuroish sprints at him, ready to go and then BAM it’s lights out. Not a very eventful match for all those that were looking forward to it but Ryohei was surely happy with himself, celebrating with a backflip afterwards and hands held proudly high. This record surely doesn’t seem like it will be broken anytime soon, and if so it will probably done by Ryohei himself considering the fastest time he had before this match was three seconds! Good luck to any future opponents facing Masuda, you’re going to need it!

long match

8.       Longest Tennis Match (11 hours and 5 minutes) 6/24/2010

I really have to give credit to these two. Nicolas Mahut and John Isner played an exhausting 11 hours and 5 minutes of hardcore tennis.  Talk about determination to win, these two would not back down. At least the course of this match was spread over a three day period, but still this is a LOT of playing time. John Isner came out victorious after the grueling and time consuming game finally came to an end.  It seems this record is not only going to be difficult to break, but I’d say majority of tennis players would be unwilling to even try to break it. However, I’m sure it was definitely an exciting three days for spectators as everyone was anxious to see who would be named the winner. 


7.       100-Meter Olympic Record (9.69 seconds) Usain Bolt, Jamaica

This guy brings fast to a whole new meeting and his nickname being “Lightning Bolt” is no surprise to those that have seen him in action. When we watch the Olympics we automatically know were going to be blown away by unbelievable speed, skills, and straight up talent these people have but to be able to witness a record being made is such a thrill. Watching this moment take place was incredible and to actually see how fast Bolt is compared to some of the fastest men the world I just had to include this moment on this week’s Top 10. I highly doubt we’ll be seeing this record broke any time soon!


6.       Cy young most wins

Impressive isn’t even the word to cover this unbreakable record, because not only does it exceed impressiveness  there is a slim to zero chance this record will ever be broken. This man won 511 games pitching in his baseball career; do you know what one would do to have to break that record? Well I did a little research and a pitcher would have to win about 20-25 wins in ONE season, for about 20-25 seasons. Yeah, I changed my mind; this record will NEVER be broken. It must have been such an exciting ride for Cy and his fans to watch this record take place over the years.  Over a century later and the record still remains untouched, the closest someone ever got was Walter Johnson with 517, which is 94 games fewer; and 94 games is a whole lot of games.  Mathematically, you won't see anyone breaking this record until somebody finds the fountain of youth (which is why we left his picture so big).


5.       Bill Russel  11 championships

There is almost nothing like that glorious moment of winning and becoming a champion. Bill Russel’s record is the sort of thing basketball player’s dream of achieving and he accelerated past that dream and experienced that indescribable moment, 11 times! He is the only NBA player to have that many championships under his belt. Obviously he had a phenomenal run during his career individually and also being a part of the Boston Celtics from 1957-1969, the team was unstoppable. So the question remains, can his record ever be broken? Highly doubtful but hey you never know, it will surely be an exciting journey to watch just as Russel’s career was for all his teammates, friends, family, and fans. 


4.       Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game.

I have watched multiple basketball games where both teams don’t even score over 100 points, and that’s as a whole game! This talented player Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in just one game on his own.  It’s a record all sports fans are aware of because it is truly just a great and almost unbelievable record to behold.  I can’t imagine being a fan in the stands that night-actually scratch that; I can’t imagine being Wilt Chamberlain that night. The amount of energy and adrenaline that must have been pumping through his body during that game was probably insane! Again, another record I can’t see ever being broken, Chamberlain I think you have this one in the bag. Nice shooting!


3.       Wayne Gretzky Most Career Points: 2,8570

Wayne Gretzky has a handful of unbreakable records it’s making my head spin. In fact I can make my own Top Ten just with Gretsky’s career alone. However, choosing just one I thought the most impressive was his total career points which came out to be 2,857. Yes, that’s 2,857, such an impressive record I just needed to state it twice.  His nick name “The Great One” suites him well. His career dominated the record charts as his talent shined through to everyone who ever witnessed him in a game. True talent runs through his veins and its evident taking a look back at his record, or should I say records. 


2.         Longest Play in NFL History (109 Yards)

Great for Antonio Cromartie but I have to be honest, I do feel bad for Ryan Longwell who missed a field goal which led to this Cromartie creating this record.  After catching the missed field goal attempt, Cromartie sprinted down the field full force 109 yards and scored a touchdown for his team while also setting a record for the longest play in NFL history. Statistically speaking, it's impossible to return a touchdown further so this jaw-dropping moment will definitely remain unbreakable. Fans who witnessed this event take place on November 4, 2007 will certainly not forget this moment.

dimaggio display image

       Joe Dimmagio - 56 game hitting streak

I have to tell you, I give a lot of credit to professional baseball players. Any professional sport definitely has an enormous amount of pressure but to step on that plate and have all eyes looking on you, opposing sides either rooting for you to miss, or get a great hit. Yet, with all of that constant pressure Joe Dimmagio never flinched, and got a hit, every time, 56 times in a row!  The record for the most gamehitting streak was once held by the Great Bambino but Dimmagio soared past that record and still holds the title to date, with low expectations of it ever being broken.  Striking out and getting walked are very common during any baseball game and it’s just remarkable that 56 times in a row, (that’s a lot of time at the plate) it ended with Dimmagio getting to a base. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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